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In March 2009 Homofactus Press will be publishing ‘Visible: A Femmethology,’ a two volume book of writings by femmes (and those who love us) about identity. I am thrilled to be included. This is the first time my writing will be available in a real book and I couldn’t be happier. My piece entitled ‘Reclaiming Femme’ will be in Volume 2.

Homofactus will be offering 28% off all pre-orders of the book in the month of February, but you *must* subscribe to their newsletter to receive this discount. Sign-up for the newsletter by sending an email here: or visiting their website

Thanks for everyone’s support of these two fabulous volumes of femme filled goodness. We will be doing a reading at some point at Charis for Atlanta contributors, so stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime, here is the official table of contents for both volumes of the Femmethology:

Vol. 1

1. Diesel by Daphne Gottlieb

2. Transition by Allison Stelly

3. Snapshots: Being Femme, or Doing Femme by Katie Livingston

4. Not so much “MTF” as “SPTBMTQFF”: The identification of a trans femme-inist by Josephine Wilson

5. The Joy of Looking: Resisting the Couple Fetish by J.C. Yu

6. A Decade Later–Still Femme? by Sharon Wachsler

7. Femme Queening–An Identity in Several Acts by Kpoene’ Kofi-Bruce

8. Femme Is As Femme Does: On Being a Queer Southern Femme by Brook Bolen

9. Femme Fuck Revolution by Hadassah Hill

10. Subverting Normalcy: Living a Femme Identity by Ann Tweedy

11. The King of Femmes by Asha Leong

12. The Conversation by Mette Bach

13. The Shimmy Shake Protest: Queer Femme Burlesque as Sex Positive Activism by Maura Ryan

14. Femme the Sex of Me by Jennifer Cross

15. There and Back Again: Revisiting the Femme Experience of Genderfucking by Amy André and Sand Chang

16. Once a Femme, Always a Femme by Katrina Fox

17. Not That Girl by Margaret Price

18. Femme Bookworm, or, What’s a Girl to Read When She’s Feeling Invisible? by Anna Watson

19. Prayer by Miel Rose

20. Femme(In)visible or Gender-Blind? by Traci Craig

21. Meet Me on the Mobius Strip by Carol Mirakove

22. I Know You Are (But What Am I?) by Stacia Seaman

23. Some Femmes Don’t Wear Heels by Joshua Bastian Cole

24. A Place I Know by Sheila Hart Nelson

25. Journey to Femme by Emjāen Fetherston-Power

26. Femme-Lesbian Autobiography, or How Can You Be Certain That You Are That Way by Yael Mishali

27. Femme for Life by Moonyean

28. Can You See Me Now? by Sassafras Lowrey

29. Rebel Girl: How Riot Grrl Changed Me, Even If It Didn’t Fit Just Right by Gina de Vries

30. The Lament of the Dolly Lama by Clairanne Browne

31. Femmiest of Femme Hobbies by Tara Hardy

Vol. 2

1.Essence and Artifice by Leslie Freeman-Dykesen

2. Fringe Dweller: Toward an Ecofeminist Politic of Femme by Peggy Munson

3. Ignoring Childhood Messages and Breaking the Rules of Feminism and Professionalism: The Femme as World-Straddling Outlaw by Ann Tweedy

4. This Femme’s User Guide by A. H.

5. My White Picket Fence by Lisa R. Papez

6. Femme Chivalry by JD Dykes

7. The Femme Movement: Why We’re Here, Why We’re (So Damn and Beautifully) Queer, and Why You’re Gonna Get Used to It by Maura Ryan

8. Seams by Ryn Hodes

9. Reclaiming Femme by Caitlin Petrakis Childs

10. Outfit Separates by Maria See

11. Dirt Roads and Bucket Baths: Practicalities of Portable Femme Identity by Alisa Lemberg

12. The Anonymity of Femmeininity by Allison Wonderland

13. Searching for My History by Sassafras Lowrey

14. Femme at Work by J.C. Yu

15. Roadside in Perris, California by Kimberly Dark

16. “But I can be a femme in track pants, you know?” by Rachel Hurst

17. The Femme Factor by Darrah de jour

18. Too Sensitive? Exploring Trans-Masculine Femininity by C.T. Whitley

19. In/Visible Femme by J. E. Franet

20. I Am Not a Box by Ariel McGowan

21. Mapping My Body by August Nightingale

22. Confessions of a Fag Hag Femme by Sascha Elise Cohen

23. Buzz Cut by Lucy Marrero

24. Love Letter by Sinclair Sexsmith

25. Femmenemy by Cherry Bomb

26. It’s Less About What They See by Julie Jordan Avritt

27. In The Shadow Of The Valley by Sherilyn Connelly

28. Working-Class Incest Survivor Femme by Tara Hardy


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